The Pink Agenda

In 2007, after spending a year helping her parents manage her mother’s complex breast cancer diagnosis, Lee knew she had to do something more substantial to battle the disease. At 23, her resources were limited, but she knew one thing she was good at:  throwing parties. Alongside a few equally ambitious and supportive friends, Lee decided to host an event that spring.  Lee, Liana M. Douillet Guzmán, and Jaquelyn M. Scharnick, whose own mother is a two-time breast cancer survivor, founded The Pink Agenda with a a crew of youthful supporters by their side. With little not-for-profit experience, but creativity, commitment, and resourcefulness to spare, the group set out to make philanthropy fun and accessible for their generation.

The concept quickly caught on and The Pink Agenda was soon engaging people from coast to coast and finding tremendous inspiration in the people who gave their time, the individuals and corporations that gave their money and the legions of supporters who gave a little bit of themselves to The Pink Agenda and the cause that has become their crusade.

In 2008 Lee’s mother, Lisa, lost her battle to breast cancer, and that loss served as an unfortunate but important catalyst for the organization. The group agreed her death would not be in vain and filed for official 501(c)(3) status, set an ambitious growth agenda, and created an award in her honor that is bestowed annually. As The Pink Agenda engaged individuals and corporations around the country in this important cause, it remained an all-volunteer organization. This has resulted in more than 90 cents of every dollar spent by the organization going directly to the breast cancer care and research programs it supports.

In 2012, The Pink Agenda entered into a strategic partnership led by Lee, with its long-time beneficiary the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)

BCRF has been widely recognized for its organizational efficiency, innovation, and facilitation of creative, collaborative global research initiatives that have brought about significant advances in breast cancer care and shed light on a variety of other cancers as well.

The skills and scale that BCRF provides is helping to ensure that The Pink Agenda flourishes in the future so that breast cancer can become a thing of the past.

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